Jibe City Staff

Gertjan de Man

Managing couple. Main reason for moving to Bonaire with their two girls: Windsurfing.

It’s hard to talk about something else then windsurfing, but you can try.

After 9 years still no regrets.


Managing couple,  shopmanager 

Do you need a new boardshort?  Fiona will dress you like a pro 

Juvannie Agostien

 Our great teacher with a lof of patience to learn you anything you want to,

Slalom windsurfer as fast as the lightning, try to follow him 

Noky Thielman

The equipment expert, ask Noky for your right equipment and you will have a blast.

Really fast on his slalom gear 


Caesar Finies (NB-13)

This awesome teacher is the Flow style Guru of the world. Check out his stuff on YouTube.

(Please don't try this with our new sails.)

Robbin de Man